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Over 87 percent of multiracial participants in our sample reported having dated interracially. The Atlantic. White genocide conspiracy theory Alt-right Anti-immigration politics Anti-white racism Antisemitism Conspiracy theories involving Jews Conspiracy theories involving race and ethnicity Cultural assimilation Fascism Genocide Nazism Multiracial affairs Neo-Nazi concepts White nationalism White supremacy Conspiracy theories promoted by Donald Trump. Hundreds of Polish Facebook groups such as "Stop White Genocide" have produced and disseminated images depicting African and Middle eastern people as belonging to separate "primitive" species, lacking the human intelligence of White Europeans. White genocide is a myth[6] [7] said by journalist Eli Saslow to be based on pseudosciencepseudohistoryand hatred.

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China has an irrational fear of a “black invasion” bringing drugs, crime, and interracial marriage

President Donald Trump's White genocide conspiracy theory tweet: South African journalist Lynsey Chutel reported: Counter-Currents Publishing. Tucker Carlsonan American conservative political commentator for Fox Newshas been described as playing a key role in bringing the conspiracy theory of an ongoing "white genocide" in South Africa into the mainstream after a piece about the topic on his show caught the attention of president Donald Trump. July 3,

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